Baltimore City Yacht Association

Commodore Matthew Alsobrook
Vice Commodore Ian Craig
Treasurer/Secretary Raymond Peroutka
Recording Secretary Bill Carruth
Member-at-Large Mary Lees Gunther
Member-at-Large Christine Compton
Member-at-Large Jessica Morrison

CBYRA Delegate James R. Gray
PHRF Delegate Erin Altemos
Race Committee Tom Behrle - Principal Race Officer
Bob Greenfield - PRO Emeritus
Race Event Chairman James R. Gray
Scoring James R. Gray
Membership Mallory Kwiatkowski
Communications & Social Media Abe Yoffe
Protest Committee Dave Clinnin
Black Book Christine Compton
Social Chair Adam Podbielski
Chief Bottle Popper
(Deputy Social Chair)
Molly Alsobrook
Propaganda Minister
(Web site manager)
Bob Sopka
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Jessica Morrison BCYA Commodore 2016
Abe Yoffe BCYA Commodore 2015
Christine Compton BCYA Commodore 2013-2014
James R. Gray BCYA Commodore 2011, and Nate Tower BCYA Commodore 2012.
BCYA Commodores (L-R):
Tony Culotta 1999, James R. Gray 2011, Raymond Peroutka 2008, Bill Hahn Founding Commodore 1989, Mary Lees Gunther 2001 & 2002, Hugh Bethell 2004, Cliff Hardwick 1998, Virgil Hobbs 1997, Christine Compton 2013 & 2014, Nate Tower 2012, Bill Shinn 2006-2007.
More BCYA Commodores:
Dylan Stewart 2009 & 2010
Jason Cosler 2005.
Lewis Kimball 2003

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