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NAME: Owens, Mark e-mail: mark@markowens.com
HOME: 4433108325 WORK: 4433108325
COMMENT: New to sailing and want to learn more. Recently got my ASA 101 cert- but realize this doesn't mean much! I have a very flexible schedule- weekdays or weekends work for me.
POSTED: 13.88 days ago.

NAME: Harrington , John e-mail: Johnpsicon@gmail.com
HOME: 4437905535 WORK:  
POSITIONS: foredeck, mastpit, jib, main, rail
EXPERIENCE: intermediate
COMMENT: 5years racing experience on c&c 99 and j109 primarily main trimmer but willing to fit in where I can get in
POSTED: 17.6 days ago.

NAME: Padgett, Spencer e-mail: padgett1775@gmail.com
HOME: 4432408332 WORK: 4432408332
POSITIONS: mastpit, jib, main, helm
EXPERIENCE: advanced
COMMENT: Offshore and local racing. Navy sailing team mid-late 90's. Looking for a cool crew and to help in any way needed.
POSTED: 20.4 days ago.

NAME: Novotny, John e-mail: jm.novot@gmail.com
HOME: 4438313573 WORK: 4102967930
POSITIONS: mastpit, jib, main, tactician
EXPERIENCE: advanced
COMMENT: . I raced for almost 20 years on a Beneteau First 42 and then a Frers 36. I was the treasurer of the BCYA for a couple of years.
POSTED: 25.71 days ago.

NAME: Vankuren, Kevin e-mail: Kevinvankuren@gmail.com
HOME: 6103929721 WORK:  
COMMENT: I'll do whatever, ex boat owner and miss the water time
POSTED: 33.6 days ago.

NAME: Harris, Jack e-mail: ajackattack@gmail.com
HOME: 3129650607 WORK: 3129650607
POSITIONS: foredeck, mastpit, jib
COMMENT: Over 30 years experience last 20 in Chicago. Nat'l and NA champ several times BOY winner often race both PHRF and One design from 30' to 70'
POSTED: 38.76 days ago.

NAME: White, James e-mail: jaw90@hotmail.com
HOME: 240.375.6308 WORK:  
POSITIONS: foredeck, mastpit, jib, main
EXPERIENCE: intermediate
POSTED: 40.77 days ago.

NAME: Rowe, Elisha e-mail: rowehousedesign@gmail.com
HOME: 4439569185 WORK:  
POSITIONS: mastpit, jib
COMMENT: I have raced for a couple of seasons out of Annapolis.
POSTED: 47.47 days ago.

NAME: Grosse, Daniel e-mail: danielgrosse1@gmail.com
HOME: 4102450360 WORK:  
POSITIONS: foredeck, mastpit, jib, main, helm, tactician, rail
COMMENT: I'm interested in learning to sail and I'm willing to take on any position on the crew that is offered to me. Although I lack experience, I'm highly motivated, willing to learn, and I'm no stranger to hard work. I'm punctual and available weekday evenings and weekends.
POSTED: 58.49 days ago.