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NAME: Harrington , John e-mail: Demojo58@yahoo.com
HOME: 4437905535 WORK:  
POSITIONS: foredeck, mastpit, jib, main, helm, rail
EXPERIENCE: advanced
COMMENT: I have several years of experience crewing in Annapolis can do regattas as well as Tuesday night sym and asym
POSTED: 23.05 days ago.

NAME: Ladenheim, Laura e-mail: laura.ladenheim@gmail.com
HOME: 4438013861 WORK:  
POSITIONS: jib, main, rail
COMMENT: Hello, I'm more of a cruising sailor than a racer but am interested in learning the finer points of sail trim. I have a Com-pac 27 and have been sailing at the DSC on the J22s and Sonars for about 6 years. Happy to help out whereever needed!
POSTED: 26.22 days ago.

NAME: Day, Rick e-mail: rick-day@comcast.net
HOME:   WORK: 4108008869
COMMENT: I have no experience sailing. I am willing to help any way I can, or anyway you can teach me to help. I would like this experience as I have dreams to have my own boat in a few years. I am hoping this experience will help me know if sailing is for me. Thanks and good luck with your season.
POSTED: 28.79 days ago.

NAME: Kiselica, Christian e-mail: cbkiselica@gmail.com
HOME:   WORK: 2679072142
COMMENT: I'm hard working and willing to learn. I have big dreams of sailing but I need to learn more about it. Have me do whatever you need me to!
POSTED: 29.94 days ago.

NAME: Benson, Jack e-mail: jak19972009@hotmail.com
HOME: 9546622340 WORK:  
POSITIONS: foredeck, mastpit, jib, main, helm, rail
EXPERIENCE: intermediate
COMMENT: 19 have been racing for over a year and have done extensive sailing am looking for a boat to do Tuesday night racing on. Live in the Odenton Crofton area. Please let me know if you have a position. Looking to start 5/16.
POSTED: 39.18 days ago.

NAME: O, Matthew e-mail: m.oconnor305@gmail.com
HOME: 5163551785 WORK:  
POSITIONS: jib, rail
EXPERIENCE: intermediate
COMMENT: Crewed on several types of boats (J-30,J-80s, & J-105). I have been a casual day sailor for 4 years and just finished my first year of racing last year. Quick learner and always excited to be out on the water. Available anytime after 4R8616E7000Z4728E3789X4940
POSTED: 44.04 days ago.