What's it all about?

This is where you can place a posting on the BCYA Crew Call bulletin board expressing your interest in joining the crew of one of the club's sailing yachts. Primarily, the need for crew is in the weekly Tuesday night racing series, but some skippers also recruit for various of the Saturday events around the bay.

Certainly experience is desirable, but many skippers are willing to take on beginners who are willing to learn and will make an effort to fit into the crew. Tuesday night races are competitive but not outrageously so. The main objective is to spend a few hours trying to go fast and then to have a few beers and a burger after the race. BCYA sailing is a social event as much as a competition.

How does it work??

By filling out the brief form tagged below, your information will be included on the BCYA web site's Crew Call page. Skippers in need of crew can then contact prospective crew members using the information posted on that page. The club, itself, does not screen individuals, nor does it guarantee a position; it's up to the skipper alone to see your posting and decide. For that reason, be sure to use the comments section of the form to describe yourself fully!

Entries on the Crew List will expire 60 days after being posted. The BCYA wants to keep the list timely and up to date.

Also, once you have found a crew position that you are happy with, please delete your posting (this is done by following the steps below for revising a posting).

What does it cost??

There is no charge to join a crew, but once you have found a steady billet, you will be asked to join the BCYA. Dues are $75 per year. Click HERE for more information about club membership.

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